Organisations that the MTA is working with

The Nida Trust – Established in 2005. Nida Trust is an educational charity which focuses on raising the aspirations and achievements of young people. It works collaboratively with parents, teachers and community groups to raise awareness and deliver key services that provide the best possible development opportunities for young people. Young people are empowered and encouraged to play a strategic role in the development of the community through education, leadership, interfaith dialogue, sports, media, arts and charitable work

Three Faiths Forum – The Three Faiths Forum has worked to encourage dialogue and confront prejudice for more than ten years. Their objective is to build lasting relationships between people of different faiths, cultures and communities

Maslaha – Maslaha are a dynamic organisation which connects technology with the community to create inventive and effective resources to tackle issues around health and education. We also use a range of media to break down barriers and increase understanding of Islam and its contribution to society in a broader context.