Education Conference 2015 at the Greater London Assembly

On the 27th of November an inspiring conference took place for 500 head teachers, senior leaders and educational consultants. There were a range of keynote speakers, workshops and question and answer sessions.

The event was attended by Nicky Morgan Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, who spoke about the positive attainment of pupils in London Schools and recognised the work done by teachers and senior leaders for this to happen.


Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London also congratulated London schools and teachers for their hard work and commitment in making London one of the highest attaining areas in the country, particularly the Gold club schools- these are schools that have succeeded against the odds in improving pupils’ aspirations and achievements. – See more at:


He introduced the new London Curriculum, of which more details can be found at:

Boris outlined how the GLA programme – English: the key to integration had positively impacted on the lives of Londoners.

The programme was launched in October 2013:

  1. to improve the quality of teaching provision for non-EU EAL pupils in primary and secondary schools
  2. to improve the English skills of non-EU EAL mothers to encourage their involvement in the school community. Feedback was provided about the positive impacts of these projects on EAL pupils and their mothers

The GLA awarded funding to 13 lead partners. This included schools, social enterprises and London boroughs.

Throughout the programme, these partners:

  • worked successfully with 85 schools across 14 London boroughs
  • provided EAL training to 733 teachers
  • improved the English language skills of more than 900 non-EU EAL mothers.

This positive event clearly highlighted the differences being made in London to ensure that more EAL pupils were getting the support that they needed to succeed in secondary school.

Photograph showing some of the mothers with their tutor who benefitted from the GLA funding