MTA at the ASE

In January 2015, the Association for Science Education held their Annual Conference at the University of Reading. Each year this conference brings together professionals working in education with cutting edge researchers to share and explore ideas on enlivening the teaching of Science in schools. The conference held a number of inspiring talks from researchers and professionals working in the field, as well as a large number of educational organisation stalls at the exhibition for teachers to explore themselves.

With over 150 stalls, the amount of information available was extraordinary. The exhibitors showcased a range of programmes and resources which they offered to schools and teachers, and much of which was extremely innovative. It was especially great to see more creative and more interactive ways of engaging students with Science. Bright and colourful animations, real-life simulations, and other tools that help make Science more exciting, were all on display for teachers to test and try out. New technologies designed for classroom use, along with hands on activities, appeared to be the greatest hit amongst teachers.

Two Muslim Teachers’ Association members of the Executive Committee attended this event. Ayshah Ismael was at the 1001 inventions stand and spoke to a range of different teachers from Students and NQTs to very experienced staff from colleges and schools. Rukhsana Yaqoob, President of the Muslim Teachers’ Association attended a range of talks and presentations given by teachers, consultants, HMI OFSTED inspectors and organisations like The Royal Society for Chemistry, who gave very useful up-to-date information about current science educational thinking.