Nisa Nashim Inaugural Conference

Nisa Nashim Inaugural Conference ‘Challenging the Narrative’

On Sunday 5 March, the University of Westminster hosted the Nisa Nashim Inaugural Conference ‘Challenging the Narrative’ which aims to change negative stereotypes about Jewish and Muslim faiths and create connections between female representatives of both communities.

The event welcomed more than 180 Jewish and Muslim women from all over the UK. The event intended to show that Jewish and Muslim communities in Britain can forge closer relationships through their female communities as well as challenging the negative misconceptions about both faiths and the role that women play within them. The conference programme included discussions on creative interludes, workshops on education, representations of faith in the media and personal well-being.

Rukhsana Yaqoob and Ruth Finkle co-chair the Teachers Nisa-Nashim subgroup and MTA members supported this groundbreaking event. The teachers Nisa-Nashim group are planning a range of events and activities for Muslim and Jewish teachers.

The event was a platform to increase opportunities and to raise awareness of social action. Laura Marks, National Co-Chair of the Network, said: “With everything going in the world, we think the topics discussed will resonate more than ever.”

For more details look at this link: Nisa Nashim Inaugural Conference ‘Challenging the Narrative’ hosted at the University of Westminster