Report about January Mosque Visit

Visit to London Central Mosque

On Sunday the 14th January 2018, the Muslim Teachers Association along with Nisa-Nashim held a successful interfaith event at the London Central Mosque near Regents Park.

Jewish and Muslim teachers were able to tour the mosque and ask the imam questions about the Islamic faith. This was also an excellent opportunity to learn about similarities and differences between the Muslim and Jewish faith.

Comments from the day included:

“I really enjoyed the tour and I think the Jewish ladies who accompanied us learnt a lot from the Sheikh. They had a tour of the exhibition and before that they witnessed the prayers. I really think it was a very good experience for me to take part in this event.”

“Nisa-Nashim Teachers’ Group enjoyed a visit to the London Central Mosque where they saw an exhibition about Islam. Additionally, we enjoyed a questions and answer session with the Imam”

“it was interesting to meet Ruth and Allison in the mosque and the interest they showed in the way Islam is practiced in London. In a city like London it is important that communities make an effort to reach out to people of other belief systems”