Cooking for the homeless

Muslim and Jewish teachers come together to cook for the homeless

The Muslim Teachers’ Association joined with Nisa-Nashim to support Mitvah Day. It was a great opportunity for women from the Jewish and Muslim faiths to come together to cook for the homeless. Not only was it a positive social action project, it was a really positive opportunity for people to talk and engage with others that they usually would not encounter in their everyday lives.

There was a lot of discussion, laughter and sharing of stories as well as cooking.

Quotes from the event:

It is so extremely heart warming bringing together Jewish-Muslim teachers to cook wholesome vegetarian food for the homeless. By participating in Mitzvah Day we build meaningful friendships from which we can grow professionally together. We are looking forward to a fruitful future together.

Daniela Pears – interfaith chair Mtzvah Day

I am very grateful to be part of Nisa-Nashim, I had a great time too today. Looking forward to more events.


I loved it, I really loved it. Really enjoyed it I look forward to the next one.


Awesome afternoon, interesting people.


In the same way that the food was made up of different smells, colours and tastes, may we have the wisdom to come together.


Wonderful warm atmosphere of co-operation.


This event is a part of a series of events being organised by Ruth Finkle and Rukhsana Yaqoob who are both co-chairs of the Teachers sub group of Nisa-Nashim. They are in the process of planning a range of events and activities over the year and are both keen to have input from new teachers about events they would like to see organised.