Three Faiths Forum

Three Faiths Forum and The Muslim Teachers’ Association 

3 Faiths Forum (3FF) is an organisation which aims to build understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs, by running education, engagement and action programmes that bring diverse communities together.

The Muslim Teachers’ Association has worked with 3 Faiths Forum for many years in a range of different ways.

We have held regular meetings with Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) and the Jewish Teachers’ Association (JCT) and 3FF colleagues.

In September 2016 the MTA was a part of the 3 Faiths Forum – Education Experts Forum event.

The 3FF runs a range of programmes including:

  • Faith School Linking
  • Education Workshops
  • Communication and Dialogue Skills
  • Encountering Faiths and Beliefs
  • Teacher Training
  • Further Education

The education experts forum was an opportunity for blue-sky thinking to feed into the strategic thinking of 3FF education policy and what role 3FF can best play in responding to ideas and needs expressed by those in the education field.

The Education Expert Forum included individuals from schools, teacher training, university as well as educational consultants.

This was a very positive and productive meeting which explored a range of issues, these will feed into the strategic direction that 3FF is currently exploring. Future meetings will be run once a term.

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