Nisa-Nashim Teachers’ Group

The Nisa-Nashim Teachers’ Group launches in London with a resolute team

On Sunday 18th September several Jewish and Muslim women educational professionals came together at JW3, the Jewish Community Centre in North-West London, to discuss commonalities and how to work together to promote interfaith collaboration and dialogue by taking the work of Nisa-Nashim into schools. Of course there was also much chatting and food!

The event explored a range of various creative opportunities for Muslim and Jewish teachers to work together in both social and educational settings. The two chairs, Ruth and Rukhsana, will review the ideas explored in the event and develop an action plan based on this.

This year’s event built on the positive teachers cooking event held in November 2015 for Mitzvah Day at JW3. Jewish and Muslim teachers came to cook together with the food being given to vulnerable people in homeless shelters.

Co-Chair Rukhsana Yaqoob commented, “This was a fantastic event with everyone contributing and sharing a common purpose. A brilliant start for the Nisa-Nashim Teachers’ Group!”

“Great opportunity to meet like-minded people, who share common interests” Muna Farah MTA

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